Evaluating Your Sales Letter – Part 2

Evaluating Your Sales Letter – Part 2

Evaluating Your Sales Letter – Part 2
By Matt Bacak

In part one of this article series I spoke about how to begin your sales letter. You need a strong headline, warm and friendly salutation and a background color that is going to entice your reader to stay on your website and read on. However, now I’d like to address how to begin the opening paragraph of your sales letter.

Now for most of my opening paragraphs, I like to start mine off with a very short sentence or just a word like, “Are you frustrated?” or “Frustrated? Followed by, “Not making money online really sucks. Believe me, I know it. I’ve been there…but you came to the right place…” – and continue on from there. The most effective way to open the sales letter is to get straight to the point and the point is “What’s in it for me?” Where “me” represents your potential customer, not you. So, address your reader by telling them what’s in it for them. If you can give them this information right away, they’ll listen more intently to what you have to say and be encouraged to read on.

One thing to consider when writing your sales letter is you don’t want to write too much and be too wordy as this will scare off your reader. They don’t want to be bombarded with too much writing all at once because you can quickly turn them off. So, break it up into smaller bite sized sections. Remember, grammar is not that important in the game of online sales letters. Writing the way that you’d speak to a friend is extremely important. Sales talk doesn’t work. If you look at my sales letters, you’ll realize that.

Another thing you don’t want to do is pressure the reader too early to place an order. I would instead, move your offer down and add in some testimonials. Consider adding some free bonuses if you have them and lastly your guarantee. You really need to build your story to draw on people’s emotions of frustration, greed, etc. It’s really important that you work in a flow that makes sense, that draws the reader in so that they keep on reading until they have this burning desire to buy.

A very important thing is to also establish credibility. In other words, what gives you the right to let them know about this product or service? To establish this, one thing you could do is say, “I’ve studied under some great marketing minds or “I’ve studied some of the greatest internet marketing minds out there and I came to the conclusion that this information is tried and true.” Something like that. You want to make sure that you give them a reason why your claims should be true and why they should believe you at all. You can also add credibility to your claims by stating famous people that you might’ve helped or special cases that you might’ve worked on. Give examples such as these as it will help you produce a much stronger sales letter that will result in more sales.

So, try to gain credibility by backing up your story with proof. In part three of this article series I’ll address the importance of testimonials. Testimonials are strong and can help you garner more sales. You’ll also discover how to end your sales letter with a bang – a bang that entices your reader to buy.

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