Confidential Data From My Last Launch

I’m about to tell you some confidential stuff about my recent launch on clickbank, the product was called “The Secret Money Ring”.

We split-tested the website for over 3 weeks and it went through 33 different variations. Let me first tell you first… This was my “first ever” clickbank offer.

The Three Main Reasons
I Chose Clickbank:

1. The affiliate base – they have tons of affiliates that I never tapped into.

2. The guaranteed commissions to my affiliates (They handle the sending out the money – this takes the headaches off of the team.)

3. Extra support – I proud myself on how my support team is but I knew if I combined my team and Clickbank’s team we’d have impeccable support.

The end result of this launch was:

Over 925 people sent traffic to the offer and we broke 5,000 sales.

The offer ended up with a “Gravity” of 214.98

Clickbank ranked the offer #1 for Gravity in the promotion category and #3 in the promotion category for popularity.

Alexia Ranked the website in the top 2k most trafficked websites for in the following countries:

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand

Not bad for the first time using clickbank.

I believe there were many reasons that helped make this successful but nobody would have ever mailed it if the sales-letter didn’t work.

So, let me tell you the biggest things that increased the conversions.
The biggest bump that it received was doing something that I call the pre-frame page.

Here is exactly what I mean by pre-frame page.

It is a page that you put in front of the salesletter that gets them in the right state of mind before they land on the salesletter.

Here is how I did mine.

I created a tiny page that had a screen-shot of my shopping cart. Above the shopping cart it said “Just Suppose You Can Make Money Like This:” then below the shopping cart picture it said “Would That Absolutely And Totally Change Everything? Click to continue…”

Then when they clicked on the link to continue it sent them to the sales-letter. If they did not click continue, they got a pop-up offering them a free report, so that I still could collect their data.

The second biggest bump came from a change in the color of the background.

In some of my old tests I found that an ugly blue was the best converting color for the background of the sales-letter.

The original salesletter had a background of black but when I tested black against blue, it was a two to one ratio. For every two sales with the blue I one for the black.

Here’s the code for the color blue that increased my conversions background-color: #FFFF00

After I discovered that blue beat the black, I then quickly tested that blue against pure white and prayed that the white would win, because I felt the blue was very ugly.

But again, the blue won 2 to 1 again vs white.

Here is where I got the idea about testing the blue.

I looked at clickbank’s standard order form that I was going to use, that was the color they had, so I figured it was tested and they were right. How about that.

The third biggest bump was by adding bling to the page.

My definition of bling is adding pictures to enhance the copy such as logos, “as seen on” types of things and seals.

I tested my control with no seals on the page such as Trustguard and Honest online.

I first tested Honest Online seal, the main reason was it was the fastest one that I could implement or get approved.
The control with and without the seal, the seal won.

I then tested the Honest Online seal vs Trustguard seals (as soon as Trustguard approved me), I then found the Trustguard seal beat the Honest Online seal.

Then I came up with an idea of how would it work if I put both of them on the page.

Would that increase the conversion?

How I did it was I added the Honest Online seal under the location to get to the next page, and added the Trustguard seal on the bottom of the page by the privacy policy, earning disclosure and contact information.

That was the winning combination.

The fourth biggest jump was by simply testing the headline.

My two headlines test:

And the winner was:

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