Article Submission Tricks For Traffic

Article Submission Tricks For Traffic

Article Submission Tricks For Traffic
By Matt Bacak

Trying to get traffic to your website on a limited budget is not an impossible task. You can get a decent amount of traffic if you have some time to invest in accomplishing this task. If you’re trying to build a list in order to sell products the most effective method you can use is submitting articles. It’s one of the best ways to generate outside traffic links. Now, you’re not going to get as much traffic as you would with pay-per-click, but the quality of the traffic’s going to be good. Not only is article marketing effective because it’s free and produces good results. But best of all, your articles stay out there forever! Your articles are also able to become viral magnets that grab the attention of your market as well as other websites in and closely related to your market. You could submit one article and that one article could go viral like crazy if you produce good compelling content that is interesting and informative.

However, you need five different things when you submit an article:

1. Headline

2. A summary about your article. This will be one or two sentences in length.

3. Compelling informative content approximately 500 words.

4. Bio/Resource box -This is where you’re going to get salesy. It’s basically states who you are and what you have to offer them. This box will drive traffic back to your squeeze page so you can capture the names and email addresses of your visitors and then have them go through your follow-up sequence to do everything you want them to do.

5. Keywords related to your article

Those are the 5 things that you need for your articles when submitting to directory websites. Now this is what you need to do. Your job is to write ten articles as quick as you can. Then take those ten articles and submit them. Wait for your articles to get approved.

Now one other trick you can use that can take it to a whole other level is this…

Once that article gets approved and you get the email that says “Your article has been approved. Here’s the link where the article is located.” To gain even more leverage and increase your traffic numbers much more quickly, you need to take that link where that article is located and ping the artice. It’s a free RSS feed submission site. If you keep on continuing that process and you get to the point where you’re submitting an article pretty much every single day, you’re going to start seeing much more traffic to your website. This is a very effective way to gain traffic on a budget.

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