Building a List of Targeted Customers

By Matt Bacak

Building a list is an important way to ensure that a small business owner has customers anytime that they are needed.

A business owner’s customer list doesn’t have to be made up of past customers, often it’s made up entirely of potential customers; at least, that is quite common in the beginning. The goal of list building is to generate a steady flow of list members becoming customers.

To ensure that the members of a list are people who will potentially buy from the list owner, it’s important to target the right demographics. Search for people who have an interest in the items that you are selling, look for individuals who already express an interest in your product. Some of those people may have bought something similar from you before, but to build a larger list, it’s important to set up a way to target people who may be interested in buying from you in the future.

Online List Building Services

There are a number of ways to encourage people to sign up on your customer list. Of course, you want to avoid being obvious about the process. The list members will know that they are signing up to receive correspondence from you, but they may not realize that your goal in creating the list is to allow for marketing messages to be sent along with the other information. This seemingly innocuous method provides you with a steady flow of potential clients without appearing aggressive.

Blogging on your Own

Website owners who use a blog to market themselves or their business have an ideal place to create an opt-in area. By offering email updates on their blog or a newsletter that offers the same type of information that the blog publishes, the blogger can quickly building a list of people who are already interested in their product.

Creating a newsletter to send to both past and future customers is a simple way to expose potential buyers to the marketing messages. A newsletter can be sent out weekly or monthly with information that will be of interest to the people who visit the blog or website. A newsletter can contain coupons for the product, in-depth information or updates that will be of interest to those who sign up. Each newsletter can also contain some language that markets the products being sold. Including a useful article about the use of the product also helps generate interest.

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