The Simplest Way to Start an Affiliate Program

By Matt Bacak

One of the quickest and the fastest ways to start an affiliate program is downloading a program called KickStart Cart. This program is used by top online business owners to manage their affiliate programs. Once you start using KickStart Cart also known as 1shoppingcart , you won’t regret your decision. But best of all, they offer a trial membership for 30 days. This will allow you to test the product before committing to it. This incentive can allow you to put your mind at ease if you have any doubt about your purchase.

Once you try the 30 day trial and test out the software, you will then need to upgrade – spending a bit more but this way you will know that you have all of the necessary features to run a successful affiliate program.

The best thing about KickStart Cart is that it offers excellent tutorials that I personally believe are one of the best affiliate programs currently on the market. Their tutorials offer an easy step-by-step way for you to quickly and easily set up your affiliate program.

But before you invest in an affiliate program you’ve got to make some decisions. How much money am I going to pay out to my affiliates? How will I want to set up my affiliate program? In other words, do you want your affiliates to get 50% or 70%? Do you want to get 30%? My recommendation is the more money you give your affiliates, the happier they’re going to be and the more they’re going to want to put in the extra effort to sell your products.

Another thing you also want to do is think about what emails you want them to send that advertise your product. You’ve got to supply your affiliates with effective marketing materials that work. In order to build your army of affiliates you want to make sure that you supply them with the right tools.

Remember, you’re going to war. You don’t want to have your team to have the worst artillery in the world. You want to make sure they have the best!

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