29 Avenues of Easily Making Money Online

29 Avenues of Easily Making Money Online

By Matt Bacak

Once you have a website or a form of presence on the online platform, I guess you would want to know of the various ways of easily making money online. Achieving this will put you in a position of having various streams of passive income.

This article shows you the various ways and places which you can take advantage of and make some decent income online.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

This is a viable way of making decent income online, either as an advertiser or a publisher. If you are a publisher, you can apply with the PPC companies and make continuous income. Here are some ways:

1. Google AdSense – This way is quite common among webmasters. They earn money from each click. The value depends on the niche and the keywords.

2. Chikita – This is similar to AdSense. They don’t pay as well, but they are still effective.

3. Google AdWords – Is a flip side of AdSense. Using it to drive traffic costs money, but the traffic is normally targeted to where you will make more money.

4. MySpace Ads – It has a concept similar to AdWords. Ads are created to drive traffic to landing pages, affiliate offers, blogs, etc.

5. Facebook Ads – It is similar to MySpace ads. They are great because they allow you to target specific demographics and channel the traffic to a desired product or service.

6. 7Search – This is a cheap option to AdWords. It has less traffic, but the cost is way low compared to AdWords.

7. Speedy Ads – It is also a form of PPC. I have never tried it but it looks pretty cool

Pay-Per-View (PPV) Advertising

You can use this technique to drive traffic to affiliate links as well as landing pages. The advantage it has is that they are not as strict as PPC sites. However, I would recommend doing more research before you spend on PPV.

8. Direct CPV

9. AdOn Network

10. Lead Impact

11. Media Traffic

12. Adoori

13. Traffic Vance

Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Offer Sites

CPA offers are a tremendous way for monetizing your website, alongside the use of PPV/PPC ads. CPA allows you to receive payment because someone completed an action. There are various offers which are quite lucrative and can earn you unbelievable amount. Some pay as “low” as $20 for an action like filling a form.

Most of them are selective on who they accept. This is because they want to make sure that the traffic you send to the offers is legitimate. Most of them will therefore talk to you on the phone before giving you access to their networks.

Here are some CPA networks:

14. Offerweb

15. CX Digital

16. Affiliate.com

17. Neverblue

18. MaxBounty

19. DirectLeads

20. Web Jam Ads

21. GetAds

22. CPA Lead

23. Epic Direct/Azoogle

24. Inuvo

25. Flux Ads

26. Market Leverage

27. Adfish

28. Clickbooth

29. Offer Vault – It compares offers from various CPA networks

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