21 Confirmed Ways on How to Get Free Web Traffic


21 Confirmed Ways on How

to Get Free Web Traffic

By: Matt Bacak

In case you are not getting value out of your website, the reason that would come to my mind would be not getting targeted web traffic. This implies that something needs to be done on how to get free traffic.  I have therefore compiled 23 working ways of getting website traffic.

The main source of free web traffic is the search engines. You must therefore appease the search engines to get traffic. Here are ways of improving your Search Engine Optimization:

  1. The page tittle should have about 60 characters and include a keyword.
  2. Include the H1,H2,H3, etc in you content. This will make your content attract robots which will in turn send you free web traffic.
  3. Keyword meta tags are important in making your content relevant. Include about 15 to 20 of them in your content to attract free web traffic from various sources.
  4. Submit your site to search engines manually. This will make it easy for search engines to recognize your site and direct free web traffic to your site.
  5. Visit search engine information sites to know how you can optimize your site further.
  6. Make your site trustable. This is by posting high quality content that can be shared or referred to.
  7. Conduct periodic contests on your site and invite people to participate. Announce the winners on your site in the end.
  8. Provide a freebie or report on the site. Give permissions to share the content as well.
  9. Write articles and post them to your website and other article directories. It is a good source of getting free web traffic.
  10. Participate in forums as a professional. Quietly market your services in about 3 or 4 lines.
  11. Recommend your site to the local people. This will increase free web traffic from locals.
  12. List your website on each printed material that belongs to your business.
  13. Create a LinkedIn profile and participate in your niche discussions. These profiles rank high on search engines and therefore attract free web traffic if optimized.
  14. Provide a subscription box on your site so you can build a mailing list to communicate your new posts.
  15. If your site is big, create a “What’s New Page”. This attracts a lot of free web traffic.
  16. Social plugins are nowadays available everywhere. Place them on each page. This helps in creating viral traffic.
  17. Monitor which pages your visitors visit most and plan your site based on your findings.
  18. Post on other people’s blogs with a backlink to your site.
  19. Submit articles to trade magazines with a link to your site in your professional bio.
  20. There are paid social bookmarking services that are affordable. You can submit your site to tap into social network traffic.
  21. Invite respected personalities in your niche to feature on your site. This will attract a lot of free web traffic from his/her fans.

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