19 Tested Methods of Building a List


19 Tested Methods of Building a List


By: Matt Bacak

Building a list for email marketing purposes is normally not so easy to many marketers. To worsen the situation, there isn’t much information on how to build a mailing list on the internet. Coming across this article is therefore a plus to increasing your profit from a list because you will discover 19 tested methods of building an email list that will bring you direct traffic and leads.

I would categorize list building methods to be in two forms: the rich man’s method and the poor man’s method. These descriptions are based on the amount of money used and not the person using the method (so, don’t get offended by the names!).

How to build an email list the rich way:

Building an email marketing list the rich way requires some money in your wallet. It works quite well and many marketers use it at some point.

  1. Buying a mailing list: Instead of waiting for visitors to come to your site, you can buy an email marketing list from various places. I have come across this in warrior forum. It however comes with a challenge of verifying the email addresses.
  2. E-zine solo ads: You can buy a solo ad from E-zine articles’ newsletters. They have a big list and you could get a portion of it to build your email list.
  3. Facebook ads: This technique of building a list is very easy to master and effective. It’s also less expensive.
  4. Cross Promotion: You can approach bloggers in your niche and agree to promote content in each other’s’ mailing lists.
  5. Bonus products: Approach a person selling a product which would complement your freebie and have links in the freebie to your blog.
  6. Above the fold: Make your opt-in form to be as visible as possible and above the fold
  7. Incentives: We all love them and they attract targeted people. Post them to social media and see what happens.
  8. Hold information: Do not give everything out; hold some of the crucial ones which can only be accessed once one has subscribed to your email marketing list.
  9. PDFs: Create them out of your existing content and give them for free.
  10. Introduce a Guest Post:  Maybe you are aware of this, but are you using it? This technique draws new readers. Use it in building a list.
  11. Joint Ventures: This is an event where bloggers who want to build their lists exchange their lists among themselves.
  12. Leveraging other blogs: A few bloggers write content promoting each other’s newsletters and freebies.
  13. Using the Thank You Page: Bloggers can recommend each other on their thank you pages.
  14. Sharing: Create a squeeze page which has a freebie and request your existing list to share it with others online.
  15. Forum: Create one. It is time consuming but it will really attract new subscribers
  16. Affiliates: People are will be willing to promote you if there is a catch for them. Make use of this.
  17. Password protection: Building a list this way works best with a membership site.
  18. Use testimonials in your squeeze pages.
  19. Let others reprint your newsletters but maintain the links to your site.



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