17 Sites For Make Money Online through Freelance

17 Sites for Make Money

Online Through Freelance

By Matt Bacak

Freelancing online is an easy way to make money online. It is about selling your time to do projects and get paid once you are done. When you are green in making money online, you might not know where to start. I remember being scammed on one of the freelancing sites and lost close to $500 in a day.

Below is a list of freelancing sites that can be a good avenue of earning money. You might have heard of them but might have not known so much about them. Here they are and how you can use them to your advantage.

1. oDesk – This is a great home for outsourcers. It is normally being said that it is a great place for hiring programmers. So, programmers know where to go.

2. Elance – This is the first home for outsourcing. Many outsourcers love it. On the other hand, it is a great place to make money as a freelancer.

3. Mechanical Turk – This is owned by Amazon, you make money doing mini-tasks, but slightly complicated.

4. Microworkers – This is similar to Mechanical Turk. You make money doing simple tasks.

5. Fiverr – On Fiverr, you make money online performing simple tasks. Any task that you can do and charge $5.

6. Just a Five – This site is very similar Fiverr. You do any task for $5.

7. TenBux – On TenBux, you have the chance to make money with gigs which are charged at either $5 or $10.

8. GigMe5 – Looks pretty straightforward. I can bet you understand…

9. UpHype – This is a gig site, with various price points: $24, $16 and $8.

10. Dollar3 – This gig site has price points in multiples of $3, the cheapest gig being chargeable at $3.

11. Jobs for 10 – The title describes everything about the site.

12. Fittytown – This is an upscale of gigs. All gigs on this site are priced at $50 each.

13. Demand Media – This is an awesome place for freelance writer. However, one needs to be confirmed before being allowed to work. Confirmed writers earn as high as $15 per article, which I would say is lucrative for fast article writers.

14. Constant Content – Is a freelance writing article.

15. Associated Content- Here, you get up-front payments for the articles you write and additional income based on the views you get.

16. Break Studios – This freelance writing website is similar to Demand Studios. It pays up to $8 per article. The good thing is that the requirements for article lengths can be shorter.

17. iWriter – This is for good article writers. You get paid depending on the quality and length of articles you write. You can earn from as low as $3 to $8 for articles of various lengths.

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