“What type of topic should a public speaker talk about?”

If you have information that people can make money with or save money with it then it is a monetary topic. If they can’t make money or save money with that topic then it is a non-monetary topic. Every presentation topic fits in one of these two categories.

So which topic should you speak about as a public speaker? Before I give you the answer, first take a moment to think about it. If you were in the audience would you want to listen about a topic that will make you money or a topic that has no financial potential? Of course you want to listen to content that will make you money. Therefore, as a public speaker you should speak about a monetary topic because that is what people wan to hear. In addition, you will earn more money. You can sell things for a much higher price because of the higher perceived value of your speech.

How can you turn non-monetary topics into monetary topics? Let’s look at golf. The topic of golf is a non-monetary topic. You can turn golf into a monetary topic by teaching people how to increase their business through golf or a similar angle. You can then charge more money because you will be training people how to expand their business through golf or their golf business.

Tip: Basically, your public speaking and training should be considered an investment and not just an expense. If you can convey that your training is valuable and a great investment then you will earn more money from your audience plain and simple.

Training is highly lucrative because the top Internet business gurus know that continuing education is the secret to success. They invest thousands of dollars each year in continuing education. Your public speaking can be continuing education that people flock to every year. At the same time you should keep learning as well. The more you know, the more you can contribute in your public speaking, and the higher value your public speaking will garner. Continuing training is your best friend in more ways then one as both a public speaker and a listener in the audience.

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Matt Bacak

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