What is Squidoo and how can you benefit from it?

Squidoo is basically where you can go and build a site quickly. You can recommend information, you can recommend ideas and you can spread your ideas and make them available for the public to see. It can make you look like an expert really quickly.
What it allows you to do is easily build a one-page website, pretty much on your own and they call it a lens. What you do with this lens is share your insights on a topic that interests you and that you really care about so that you can build credibility online.

You can also use it to send traffic to your sites or toyour blog. The other cool thing about it is after you’ve gone through and set up your site, you can even earn some extra cash.

My daughter is has recently set up a few lenses. I told her that before she did her homework every night that I wanted her to go and set up a new Squidoo lens. I got her to set up one yesterday and she set up another one tonight. She should probably have been in bed, but I wanted her to create new pages as often as she could. The reason why I wanted her to do this stuff is because she wanted to make money. I said, “Well, one of the quickest ways for anyone to make money online right now is to set up a Squidoo lens.”

My daughter also wanted to give money to charity, so I said, “The cool thing about it is that you can choose how much money you want to give to charity.” We actually got her a dog from the Humane Society. And because she loves dogs and wanted to give some money to their organization, she decided to give 20% of all the money she earned off that to the Humane Society and she kept the other 80% for herself. She can go back and change the amounts later if she wants. But I wanted her to just start seeing some money come in first.

Now, after you’ve gone through the process of setting up your lens you become what’s called a lens master. To start building you own site, just go to www.Squidoo.com/lensmaster/ and you can use me “Matt Bacak” as a referral.
At Squidoo, there are thousands of people creating these websites right now and a lot of it is really good information.

Other things you can do with your Squidoo website is sell things from Amazon to affiliate products as well as insert your own YouTube videos. That’s what we’re doing with Traffic Magicians. We not only do that, but we also put links back to my page. So, set yours up today or get Traffic Magicians to do it with the whole A9 process.

Matt Bacak

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