Watch your RSS feed tomorrow at 11:00 AM Eastern…

The Powerful Promoter – Matt Bacak

Watch your RSS feed tomorrow at 11:00 AM Eastern…

Hi Friend,

Tomorrow at 11:00 AM Eastern Time, I’m going

to announce a *very* special teleconference

that can LITERALLY change your life – and

really get 2005 started out right for you.

(The cost of the teleconference is $77, but

as my show of appreciation to you, I’m going

to pay your way *IF* you’re one of the first

100 people to register.)

I’ll reveal the identity of my guest in

tomorrow’s email invitation, but I will say

this: He’s one of the top people in the

internet marketing business, and in our

teleconference, he’s going to give you an

AMAZING case study of how he used the internet

to produce an income of six figures – in

December of 2004!

(More importantly – he’s going to reveal

exactly how you can “rip off” his system

and produce amazing results yourself.)

Watch your email tomorrow. You can’t

afford to overlook this one. There will

be a limited number of lines available for

this teleconference, so I *strongly*

recommend you register instantly when

you receive the invitation tomorrow…

…at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

Warmest Regards,

Matt Bacak

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