WARNING: Possible FaceBook Problems…

There are 2 possible problems.

I just wanted to let you know as
of now Facebook has a limit on the
amount of friends you can have on
its system. The limit is 5,000.

Now, the unofficial reason is
because of scaling problems.

Problem #1 is:

“Limitation that restricts users to no
more than 5,000 friend connections”

Problem #2 is:

I have 4,020 friends already.

You are probably wondering why is that a
problem for you. Well, if you have an account
then you know that certain things can be
restricted to show Facebook friends.

And there are certain things that
I don’t show to the public but only
to friends on Facebook.

So I’d encourage you to go below to my
Facebook profile page and request that
we are friends before it’s too late.

Here is my Facebook Profile page:


I really don’t think that it will
take that long for me to hit 5,000.

That’s because right now I’m sending
this email to over 169,119 people I have
on my Internet marketing list.

If you don’t have a Facebook account
then set one up right now so you can get
connected with my friends on the Net.

(It’s totally free, just go to facebook.com)

There really are some talented people
connected to my account.  (And more
are being added every few minutes.)

Once you are added as a friend then
you’ll get direct access and also be
able to view every single one of them.


You might miss out FOREVER!

So don’t miss out.  If you already have
a Facebook account do the following:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account.
Step 2: Go to this link:
Step 3: Click “Add to friends” by my name.

That’s it.  If I receive your request before
I hit the 5,000 friend limit I will add you!

See you on Facebook!

Matt Bacak

P.S. Don’t wait, please go right now
and add me as a friend because once I
hit the 5,000 mark there is nothing I
can personally do to accommodate you.

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