Upcoming Seminar Not to be Missed

A hotel seminar costs thousands to attend, this is a seminar with high profile speakers that saves money and time.

(PRWEB) September 7, 2006 — The following experts and celebrities are speaking at VirtualSeminarWeek (this November 10th-17th).A line up including, Jay Abraham a legendary $5000/hour marketing mastermind, Carlos Marin who recruited & managed a sales force of 600,000, Dr. Joe Mercola the founder of the #1 natural-health site in the world, Bill Bartmann a billionaire who went to bankruptcy & back again, Bill Romanowski on secrets to peak performance (4 Superbowl wins), Shawn Phillips & John Benson two fitness experts argue about nutrition, Charlie Page a master copywriter on the future of e-zine marketing, David McInnis & Marc Harty on how to use PR Web for big profits, Kendra Todd the 1st female winner of Donald Trump’s Apprentice, Kathy Smith America’s leading fitness queen, Matt Bacak on how to convert a PC into an ATM

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Never before have more than 35 faculty members been assembled for a “virtual” event like VirtualSeminar Week.# # #


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