Turn words into money…(Special Power Hour)

The Powerful Promoter – Matt Bacak

Turn words into money…(Special Power Hour)



I’m doing a special Power Hour this Thursday.

(I’ll tell you more about this in a sec, but first…)

A lot of people have asked for something new

about copywriting. David Garfinkel has put

together a powerful, unique seminar that will

take you to the next level of copywriting.

Not only will you learn new techniques to

write copy that gets prospects excited, convinced

and sold… and do it more quickly and more easily

than ever before…

But for the first time, you’ll learn how

to get past whatever is holding you back to

create promotions that stand out and bring

you boatloads of cash.

The problem is a lot of people know what to do…

even think they know how to do it… but can’t get

the “oomph,” the courage, the head of steam they

need to create powerful copy and “stay on the

case” until they reach their goal.

Breakthrough Copywriting delivers the solutions

to those problems. David has gotten some of the

best copywriters in the world to join him in Las

Vegas in a few weeks to provide a seminar with

all kinds of “shortcut” information that has been

used to generate millions of dollars of sales

with copy, on the Web and in print.

Plus, he is bringing in a world-class Peak

Performance Coach, Dr. Melissa Andersson, to give

you specific methods and experiences you can use

in the seminar and when you get back home.

How good is David? He’s the best copywriting coach

I’ve ever met. I spent a couple hours with him in late

December and he gave me the ideas, the words and the

structure I used to put together a Web page that sold

217 CDs in single day. These CDs will conservatively

lead to an extra $60,000 in business.

Now about the call…

On the call, Thursday night at 9:00 EST, David will

explain Breakthrough Copywriting in detail and give you

three Breakthrough Copywriting techniques you can use

right away, whether or not you get into the seminar.

And it’s an exclusive seminar – you must apply for it, and

not everyone is accepted. You have to be really committed

to moving forward with your copywriting and building your

business in order to “make the cut.”

But everyone who listens to what David has to say – and

acts on it – reaps huge rewards. People make millions of

dollars from David’s advice and ideas. Even experienced

copywriters and advertising pro’s who think they’ve heard

and seen it all.

Go here right now to register for this Fr-ee Telecall:


This is a one-time teleseminar you need to attend.

Besides David, you’ll hear Dr. Melissa Andersson and

she’ll explain the Breakthrough Techniques that turn

frustrated failures into successes, and good

copywriters into great ones!

See you on the call,

Matt Bacak

P.S. This email was alittle longer than I like to have

them, but I just wanted to share with you the power of David

Garfinkle’s Breakthrough Copywriting strategies he will be

sharing with you on this telecall.

Go here right now to get registered for the call:


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