“The Power of Back Links”

What is a back link? A back link is when another website links to your website. These other websites have links that point to your website. You should build back links to your website because the search engines love back links. All the search engines view back links to your website as votes for your website. The more back links you have, the more votes you have, the higher rank you will get from the search engines.

While back links are important, not all back links have the same value. Some websites are more valuable than others because they have a higher page rank in Google. If higher page rank websites back link to you then your ranking will soar. So you could actually have less back links, but they are of higher quality.

You can use the free keyword tool at http://www.wordtracker.com and Google to help you find high quality websites. You will find hundreds of different keywords and how much traffic they get each day. Target some of those keywords in this list. Then take one of those keywords and type it into Google.

Look at the organic (free) listings that are in the middle of the Google search engine results page. These are the websites that people are looking for when they type in these keywords. Look at the first three websites listed.

Go to http://www.marketleap.com and use the link popularity tool. It will show you all the back links to the websites that you have searched on. Contact these websites to see if they will do a link exchange with you.

The goal is to acquire as many links as you can from the high powered websites. You can link other websites to your articles and Blog. Also include a link to your website in the bio of the article. Your articles will be all over the Internet and provide many back links to your website.

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