Other Methods to Get Traffic to Your Website

Besides writing articles and press releases, there other methods you can use to get traffic to your website. Consider the well-known online marketing strategy of linking. There are actually two common linking methods that are quite popular for getting web traffic. One is deep linking and the other reciprocal linking.

Let’s first take a look at deep linking. If you haven’t heard of the term deep linking it simply means linking throughout your website. You’re basically building a link that links from one page of your website to another. However, you’re not linking from the main home page to another page on your site, but rather you are linking from within your site to your websites main home page.

Here’s an example to make you understand this strategy completely:

So, let’s just say you have a site called www.yourdomain.com. Your inner page www.yourdomain.com/branding.html which in this case is also known as your sub-page… this would link to your main page www.yourdomain.com. So, you can actually link within your website back to your main page. This will help pull your website to the top of the search engines and gain more traffic!

You can use your sub-pages to let the search engines track you back to your main page. The search engines like this strategy and it really does work! This is an essential linking strategy all website owners should use to pull in more search engine traffic. Make sure that your sites linking structure does this as it has been known to rank websites much higher for their search terms. And you know what that means… Better search, more traffic, more money!

Another well-know strategy is trading reciprocal links. This is another great source of traffic. Although trading links with other websites can play a huge role in getting your site more traffic, it can also be a risky endeavour. Here’s why…
You have to be extremely careful about who you’re linking your website with. If the person whose website you are linking to is part of a link farm you will be penalized by the search engines. You want to be really careful about this because Google does pick up on these kinds of things. But trading links with regular website owners who are ethical in how they link their site to other sites is always a good way to make trading links work for you.

The one disclaimer I’d like to make is to always make sure that the individuals that you are trading links with does fit inside your niche. If you’re niche’s are unrelated it really doesn’t matter how many times you trade links. The search engines recognize bad link partners. No relationship means no traffic… A common relationship in terms of niche means good search – as long as your links are traded ethically. Remember, link farms are a killer for websites. Research your link partners and these tips should allow you to start reaping the rewards of your hard work!

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