“Nail that Radio Show Interview with these Tips”

Do you have products to promote? If you have an Internet business then the answer is a definite “yes”. Did you know that you can promote your products and improve your image through radio interviews? Learn how to book radio interviews that will give you and your business the publicity exposure it desperately needs. This can be accomplished because there are thousands and thousands of radio shows all over the country.

There are two main ways to obtain a radio interview:
1. Become an interesting guest. Become articulate.
2. Record your own radio infomercial. This works if you have your conversions right. You need to know how to convert the traffic on television and radio shows.

One of the ways to get on the radio is to advertise in the “Radio TV Interview Report” magazine. The only way to obtain this magazine is if you are a producer of a TV or radio show. They will verify that you are a producer. You can place an ad in this magazine.

Tip: Make the radio show host’s job easy. Send them a format that is easy to understand and useful to their listeners. You will start out with five minute shows and move onto 2 hours of an interview in the future.

When you’re on a radio show you want to be able to convert your information into sales. How can you accomplish this? Try these techniques:

Technique #1: Establish which is more profitable: lead generation or direct sales? Remember, it is difficult to get someone to marry you on the first date, so the same applies to the first contact with your audience.

Technique #2: Be careful about the words you say on the radio interview. If you say something is “free” then you better give it away for free.

Tip: You can also post information in magazines and ezines.

Tips during the radio interview when you are promoting your book:
1. Offer the listeners the option of downloading a digital version of your free book on a website for a limited time offer. When they get to your website tell them that they can have the free book if they opt-in for your list.

2. Track your sales through 1shoppingcart.com. You can pinpoint which radio shows brought in the most money. You can determine which offers are the most lucrative.

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