“MySpace – A free database of leads.”

Do you know about MySpace? Have you heard friends or colleagues talk about MySpace? Have you seen news about MySpace on the Internet, TV, and newspapers? If not then you must have been living under a rock. MySpace is relatively new, but is used by millions of people. Therefore, you should integrate a MySpace strategy into your Internet business.

There are many advantages of myspace. For example, you can obtain leads by creating “friends” on MySpace. When you open a MySpace account you get a “friends” list. MySpace is free social networking. 171 million people are on MySpace. If MySpace were a country it would be the sixth largest country in the world.

MySpace has demographics that are broken down by age, sex, geographic location, and income levels. MySpace is essentially a free database. You can target people based on demographics and ask them to be your “friends”. Once you build the “friends” list then you can market to them.

Being able to grab this information about MySpace is extremely powerful!

MySpace also lets you do blogging. Blogging is powerful in MySpace because it is free and other MySpace people can find your Blog. They can ask you to be their friend after reading your Blog.

Why do MySpace pages translate into making money? An example is a magician that created a MySpace page. He made money working at trade show events. He wanted to get a friends list of event planners through MySpace. You can go to Google and find people in MySpace using these keyword demographics. He then sent all those people an email. He ended up getting several event bookings as a result of creating this type of database.

Check out these Internet statistics…
6.4 billion searches are done per month using Internet search engines.
42% of people click on the first result in the search engine results. Then it drops off significantly. So if your website isn’t listed in the top spots on Google then you are missing out on website traffic.

Utilize the power of the Internet along with MySpace and watch your leads grow exponentially. You can open a MySpace account in a matter of minutes.

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