“The Muscle of Classified Internet Ads”

Have you mastered the art of press releases? Do you want another commanding tool that will drive traffic to your website? Then get ready to try something that will increase your website traffic through classified Internet ads. Classified Internet ads should be used in addition to press releases.

So what are the advantages of classified Internet ads? First of all, classified Internet ads are easy to search for. This means that when an Internet user types in keywords into Google your classified Ad will be found very easily. One beneficial side effect of being more searchable is that your ranking in Google will shoot to the top. Google’s web crawlers will find your classified Internet ad quickly and give you prime placement in their search engine listings.

Classified Internet ads allow you to have more copy then a traditional ad in print. This means that you can say more with your ad, but keep the costs minimal or free. This is not true in print media where you often pay per word or number of lines.

Classified Internet ads give you instant publicity. You can quickly publicize your website to the world. Plus, you can place classified Internet ads for free. Free publicity and exposure is extremely powerful.

Classified Internet ads can also be more than just an ad. For example, you can find classified Internet ad services that allow you to create a profile and accompanying website. Just think – a website that you can create easily and for free! You just have to be aware of any rules of the classified Internet ad websites you use. For example, sometimes you have to update your classified ad every few months.

So where can I run a classified Internet ad? There are several websites you can use. Try www.hoobly.com.

What should I include in the copy for a classified Internet ad? Your classified Internet ad should capture a reader’s attention. Use your top producing keywords. At the bottom of the ad make sure to include your contact information and website link.

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