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This is Matt Bacak’s Family News.

I try to send this every Sunday to

my family, friends, loyal Promoting

Tips subscribers and blog readers.

I wanted to a quick update about my

family and business.

Steph and I have been working hard and

spending a lot of time planning and getting

ready for next year. You might remember

last time I send out the news, we sat down

and started the New Year plan.

Steph’s writing a book that we will launch

in March. Taylor our daughter (age 7) is creating

her first website with knock-knock jokes, recipes

she loves to cook and many other things.

I’ll be showing her how to make money with it.

So Steph and I are getting her new accounts ready

so she can follow my money rules, which are 10% to

God, 10% to saving, 10% to investments and live/play

with the rest.

Also, Steph and I are getting ready for the

New Year’s Eve Party. We invited friends from all

over the world. (It’s also my Birthday Bash

since my birthday is on Dec. 31st.)

You’ll be hearing about it soon.

The Atlanta Internet Marketing Academy is just

rocking, the new launch was last weekend we had

our first Inner Circle at the office. We had

just a great group of people and I got to teach

my favorite style, walking people through step-by-step,

and when they all left they had a great marketing/

lead generating system in place. (We had computers

set-up and hooked-up to the internet, building

each a huge cash-generating internet business)

FYI: I really built the Academy for me. What I

mean is that I built it because it is what I wish

I could have found for myself, so I could have just

sat behind a computer and implemented strategies

while someone taught.

I don’t know if you remember the last family news,

I said that I created a Blog. Well it is just so

fun. Today, Steph and I went to my very good friend,

Mike Stewart, The Internet Audio Guy, for breakfast.

Well, we made history, and became one of the first to

send a audio from my blog to a Ipod. Cool stuff. It’s

something very new, and going to become very hot.

If you want to out more about it you go to my Blog

and listen to the podcast. The podcast

is actually about podcasting.

Before I left We also created a new CD that we are going

to give away for Fr-ee called the “Instant Expert System”

One last thing, Finally, I just got my new product

back from the production company, it’s a 5 CD, and 6 DVD’s

called the “Market Maker Method”

I’m so happy :)

Well, got to run, Stephanie is calling, We are making

chocolate covered pretzels tonight. Yummy!

Warmest Regards,

Matt Bacak

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