Make "Mini-Sites" Secrets MP3 posted….

Hi Friend,

Matt Bacak here with an update on the “Mini-Site”
Secrets call we did last Thursday night…

In a word, the call “ROCKED” and you can download it here,

I grilled Jim for some absolutely killer information,

~ Can you make money with a mini-site within 24 hours?
(Hint: Yes you can! Listen to the MP3 to find out HOW)

~ How Jim took a 30+ page website, converted it to a
“mini-site”… and watched his sales go up over 250%
literally overnight!…

~ The 4 types of mini-sites, and how each one plays a
specific role in making you the money you want online…

~ The single biggest mistake people make with “affiliate”
mini-sites that costs them thousands of dollars…

~ 3 specific kinds of “landing page” mini-sites affiliates
can use to make money on Google AdWords, and a lot more…

Hope you made the call live, but if not, you can download
the MP3 right now:

To your success,

Matt Bacak

P.S. On the call, Jim and I launched “mini site creator
gold” including EXTRA Bonus for everyone who picks up a copy
of the course from:

We’re creating a multi-media sales letter tutorial to teach
you how to create basic mini-site sales copy elements for
sales letters, billboards, and more :-)

This will be a “killer” bonus available over within a few days.


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