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If you’re looking from an SEO perspective for local search, it’s pretty easy. Just find names of counties and things like that and put them in your keywords. Think about what people are searching for. You can take Atlanta for example; I used to dominate “Atlanta internet marketing tips.” Why? Well, because there were a lot of people actually searching for “Atlanta internet marketing tips.” They don’t just want to find internet marketing tips all over the world; they want to find internet marketing tips in Atlanta or internet marketing strategies, people that do internet marketing strategies in Atlanta. So I really dominated that in the beginning and I’ve got a big list of people in the Atlanta market.

So, utilize the names of areas, the names of counties, the names of cities around you, to do the local search. It works really well to put the name in your title tag. So instead of it being “internet marketing tips” or “real estate strategies” or “real estate foreclosures,” do “Atlanta foreclosures,” “Grant County foreclosures.” You know, use those as your keywords or your keyword phrases.

In local search, there’s actually two different things you can do – and both can be done with free traffic and paid traffic.

With the free traffic, you want to go after business owners. For instance, we’ve worked with carpet stores, we’ve worked with plumbers and we’ve worked with exterminators. All people are trying to do is find, for instance, an exterminator in Atlanta or for whatever city they’re in. With local search, there are people searching on those search terms, so you can definitely target those terms and literally dominate them very quickly using free traffic strategies such as the ones used by Traffic Magicians. As I mentioned before, you can find them at TrafficMagicians.com.

You’re going to dominate your local search areas because they’re what’s considered long tail keywords, which makes them areas that other web site owners aren’t trying to go after. For example, let’s take “internet marketing.” This is a highly, highly searched term. However, “Internet marketing in Atlanta” is not always that highly searched. However, there is still traffic for this term. Now, if you can dominate that term, plus LA, plus New York, plus wherever location, you’ll obviously be able to get a lot of people. You can also find all the different search terms. Just add the city name to it.

Another cool thing is that if you’re doing your Google AdWords campaign, it will actually give you the option of advertising within say a 50-mile radius of your business. This can work wonders if you’re selling a service or even if you’re selling houses.

For example, let’s say you help save people from foreclosure and you want to target a specific foreclosure market. You would target your cities or maybe your sub-cities and everywhere else within a set radius in Google AdWords. So, instead of picking the United States, you could just pick the state of Georgia. You could pick the entire state of Georgia and only sanction that one. So, if you wanted to buy property all over your state or if you only wanted to buy property in a 50-mile radius around your house, you could do so. You can literally dominate your first three or four positions in Google AdWords by creating different campaigns because you’re going to show up for those local people. You know, someone in Poughkeepsie, New York is not going to see my Atlanta ad. So, that’s kind of the benefit of using this method.

Basically, if you’re not using local search you’re missing out on a ton of traffic.

It can literally change your business.

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