“Link Tips to Increase your Google Ranking”

An Internet business relies on website traffic. They find ways to drive traffic to their website from joint ventures to Google AdWords. This traffic provides a bounty of potential customers leading to sales. Another powerful method that drives traffic to your Internet business website is using links. Following is a list of link tips that not only increase the amount of traffic to your website, but can increase the quality of the traffic as well.

Link Tip #1: Always put several links to your website in the emails you send out. The goal of these emails is to get people to take action and go to your website. Provide clickable links at the top, middle, and in the P.S. at the end of the email. These links help train people to go to your website. Plus, having links in your email shortens the length of the email. This is easier on the eyes and attention span of the email reader. Essentially, you have short content in the email and then full content can be found when they click on the link and go to your website.

Link Tip #2: The “right” links can be powerful. Find websites that have a high page rank and relate to your website. Obtain a link from these websites to increase your ranking Google. Basically, you want to have high page rank sites that are related to your website pointing to you. For example, if you have a dog training website then you don’t want to have an Internet marketing site pointing to you. Instead, you want a site about dog shows pointing to you. Quality links are very, very important.

Do you follow these two link tips? Some people falsely believe that quantity is better than quality. For example, they have a page full of links and not much content. The links may or may not come from Google high page ranked sites. The links may or may not relate to their website. These many low quality unrelated links can actually hurt them as search engines love related content and quality links.

Analyze the links on your website. See how you can modify them to increase your rank in Google.

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Matt Bacak

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