Legally Steal my Sh!T – Tonight…

IMPORTANT: The webinar I told
you about yesterday is almost full,
but there are few spots remaining.

Only 51 openings left to be exact.

Go register for this Right NOW:

Remember this is happening TONIGHT!

Here’s the email I sent, just
incase you missed it some how.

SUBJECT: Totally Rip me OFF!

Yea, that’s right! On Tuesday night, I’m
doing a special webinar and I’m going to
tell you how to rip my salesletters off :-)

On this webinar I’m going to reveal
the secret power behind selling online
and it’s something everyone should know
if they want to really *crush* it.

The topic is “Copy writing” Boring subject
unless, you do it the way I will Tuesday.

“Make sure you read this whole email”

On my computer, I have a secret folder
I personally named: “Swipe Files”. Inside,
that folder are all my retired websites.

If you have been in this industry for
a while, then you may have seen these sites
because here are some important facts:

One my salesletters, at the time it was
revealed, created the largest product launch
ever! (14,987 customers in 7 days)

A salesletter I wrote a long time
ago, was first ever FREE CD page in
the internet marketing community.

(Many people have ripped that one
off – to the point 1 person left my
name on the page for a few weeks)

Back in 2005, one of my sales pages,
turned me into a #1 best selling author
making my book hit #1 on B&
and to the summit of

Here’s why I’m telling you about those
sites. Besides the fact, I’ll tell you how
you can get your hands on them, but…

…I’m going to go through some of them
and share with you, as I dissect the elements
that worked extremely well and the things
that just totally sucked donkey doo.

During this webinar, I’ll share with
you, not only my sites, but…

-The Anatomy Of A Sales Letter
-15 important things you must always include
-One of the best salutations you can use
-The surest way to increase your sales
-and much, much more.

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar Seat Now at:

See you on the webinar!

Matt Bacak

P.S. I’d hurry and register now because
I’m using GoToWebinar for the webinar and
they can only hold 1,000 lines. FYI: I’m
mailing to 119,357 right this second.

Register for the webinar below:

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