It’s absolutely AMAZING!

The Powerful Promoter – Matt Bacak

Well I can’t really sleep. I’m real excited. I’m working with a select few speakers, building their lists. And I have been testing out some new strategies with the search engines. Boy have we seen some huge results. I mean our opt-in rate is up 300% with in the last few weeks. It’s absolutely AMAZING!

I just love this game.

See here’s why I’m so excited. I know that the power is in the list. The most important thing is to control the lists. With everything that’s going on and how big these lists are going who knows how many people we will have on the teleseminars and how many books we will sell this year.

I mean we double he size of our Teleclass just in the last few weeks.

The more the list grows the more we get on the call. I just love this.

The best thing about this whole thing is “This is just the beginning”.

I say that everyday. It’s just the beginning.

Because it is.

Momentum is GREAT!


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