How to Segment Your List Using Autoresponders

If you have a website and are using autoresponders to capture your audiences contact information, then commend yourself as this is a huge accomplishment! Most online websites fail to see the value of an opt-in form on their website. Opt-in forms actually make a business plan work and it is a definite requirement for growing any business online.

Your list is a goldmine and you have to know what your readers want. But your main concern is to capture names and send your list information. Although your opt-in page lists bullet point benefits of what you have to offer your visitors, you can do more with your list. You can segment your list. Segmentation allows you to broaden your product selection and allows you to offer more products to help increase your sales.

So exactly how do you set up your autoresponder message sequence?

There is a seven sequence rule I follow. You should think about sending seven messages to your list. But remember, this sequence of emails is sent every few days. Send some messages every two days then five days later then back to two days later etc. You want to do this so that your subscriber never expects your message. You want to surprise them, keep them on their toes and keep them interested in what it is you are offering them. Make sure you are offering valuable content so that your reader always anxiously awaits your next email. You want them to feel that you are giving them extremely helpful information that they simply cannot find anywhere else. However, it is also crucial that the emails you send them on the third and seventh day should be sending them to a sales letter squeeze-page. Remember, on these days you are selling to them. This strategy has been very successful whenever I implement it so I suggest you also implement this strategy in your online business.

When you send these emails on the third and seventh day of your seven email sequence, the reader can then be sent to another squeeze-page and at this point they’ll be entering a new autoresponder sequence that segments them even further. I use this simple strategy to segment my list and you should use it too in your list segmentation. But you should note that these are also short content email messages created to prompt your reader to click on links placed in the email. Your links will always lead to a sales page for a product or service you are offering them.

That other autoresponder sequence (the second squeeze-page sequence after they enter the first sequence) that I’m sending them to is going to be a message sent to them every single day. Basically, with these messages, I’ll take pieces of the copy – maybe I’ll take a paragraph out of the copy, I’ll throw it into message 1. I’ll take another paragraph of the copy and I’ll throw it into message 2. Take another paragraph of the copy and throw it into message 3 and so on…. For example, if I have five testimonials, I might write an email that says, “Five reasons why you need to get this.” Reason 1 is testimonial 1, reason 2 is testimonial 2, and so on and so forth. And then each of those emails will have a link back to the actual product so the reader can go buy the product.

List segmentation is necessary to expand and diversify your business. Why not take a look at your autoresponder sequence to make sure you’re offering the most you can to your audience.

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