How to measure if your emails are getting through to your list.

If you are sending emails out to your list you know how important it is that they receive what it is you’re sending them. After all, your business is at stake and this communication with your list is crucial to your business. Now, obviously if someone buys something, you know they got your email. However, for those who haven’t purchased, how do you even know if your email was received?
One way to know is to use seed lists. What I do is I’ll set up different accounts in different places and just make sure that the emails are getting delivered. If you are using a monitored service like FatJack, you can actually ask them for your send score.

Outside of the send score, there’s a couple of other things you want to track it. If you’re using a service like Autoresponse Plus, you may want to use the link tracking option provided. If you do not know how to do link tracking, you can go to or go to and in there you will find something related to link tracking. When you use link tracking, that’s going to give you your clicks. So, if you send out an email, you can look at your clicks which should also give you a good idea if people are even going to your page.

Also, if you’re doing HTML, I know you can track your impressions also known as open rates, clicks, and your sales. Now, when you’re doing that, if the impressions are low or your open rate is low, what this means is that you failed to deliver what it is your visitor what looking for. Basically, you failed to meet their needs in the delivery of your communication with them. If your clicks are low, that means your email wasn’t very good. You need to improve your copy. If your sales are low and if you had a lot of clicks and no sales and your sales are low, that means your sales letter wasn’t very good.

But don’t be discouraged. There are a couple of things you can do to fix the problem. One this is you can change your subject line to build in some curiosity. Secondly, you can format your emails correctly so that they convert better. Make sure that your email is no more than 50 characters wide. Make them short and sweet and gets straight to the point.

You also want to make sure that what your email is speaking as a friend to your reader. Let them feel like you understand them and that you’ve been in their shoes and can help them. Let them know that you’ll try to do whatever it takes to meet their needs. Remember, you want to gain their trust as this is essential to making huge sales.

Also take a look at your sales letter. If you suspect it’s a little weak, try to improve it. You want to model other good sales letters and get more testimonials. Testimonials are essential to any and all sales pages. Another thing that’s really important is to create a good close. Use scarcity and urgency, limited availability, limited time, reduced price to the first X amount of people.

Use these tips to help you gain a better response and open rate from your visitors. Doing this will have you build a stronger list and a stronger business.
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