Have you met Fat Jack yet?

Hi Friend,

I just wanted to let you know about
the new changes to the *only* hosting
company I reccomend on the internet.

Frontier Power Hosting at:


Recently they made some major changes to Frontier
Power Hosting’s infrastructure and as of Tuesday, The
name of the company is now officially…

…Fat Jack Hosting, LLC.

Fat Jack Hosting, LLC. servers are now
officially behind bullet proof glass, even
a tank can’t blast through.

They recently added 270k worth of server.

All servers are now inside there own location
in Atlanta for security and management purposes.

Not co-location or a reseller like most other hosting companies.

Because all hosting accounts are right
next to the other Big search engine not
starting with a “Y”, they must maintain
highest security for hosting accounts.

In order to get to the servers, they
must pass through thumb print scans,
retina scans and name badge scans.

To get inside a very chilly room that has
a huge generator running every minute of the
day to ensure the power never goes out.

So if you are looking for a secure hosting
company then there is only one place to go:


Fat Jack Hosting, LLC will still be doing
buiness as Frontier Power hosting.

They back up your information hourly,
daily, and monthly – so your information
is protected.

Plus, they also give you your own ip address
which will help you in two ways; Search engine
marketing and also email marketing.

Go here right now to apply to get account:


To your success,

Matt Bacak

P.S. They are the first internet marketing
friedly hosting company on the planet!

Go here: http://www.frontierpowerhosting.com

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