Google AdWords with Perry Marshall August 9

Nobody in 2012 can afford to be ignorant about Google AdWords. Most people have tried it and failed. Maybe you spent a few hundred or a few thousand bucks and got nothin’. Maybe you’re giving Google money now and only getting half the clicks you deserve.

Tomorrow, August 9 I’m doing a webinar with Google AdWords expert Perry Marshall, author of the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. Perry’s going to deliver material for both beginners and advanced intermediate players, with generous time for live Questions & Answers.


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He’s going to deliver:

-How to find the un-scratched itch in any market, so that you can penetrate even the thickest competition

-What you can expect from the AdWords learning curve if you’re brand new, and what you need to bring to the table

-3% of the advertisers get 50% of the clicks. Find out who they are and what they know that you don’t

-Five different ways to target customers on the Display Network – sites like the New York Times and literally 100,000 others (this is the secret to ad campaigns that go semi-‘viral’)

-As much Q&A as he can squeeze in after his fast-paced presentation

Date: August 9

Time: 2pm ET / 1pm CT / 11am PT / 19:00 London

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Matt Bacak

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