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If you are building a website and have reached a stumbling block, then look no further than

This site is extremely helpful at assisting wanna’ be web designers with the technical aspects of building their website. For example if you are looking for information on how to edit and ftp your website, Fatjack can help. They have video tutorials along with screen shots that will walk you through – every step of the way.

But best of all, this site offers more than support! They are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to help you build your website! They offer hosting packages that are fairly inexpensive especially if you are new to online marketing. They have three hosting packages – Shared Hosting, Standard Hosting and Private Hosting. They make having a website very affordable to the average person just starting out as well as making it easy for an experienced online marketer.

You can also buy domain names for as little as $9.97 per year! They even have dedicated servers.

But their ongoing support is unmatched! If you go to their website and click on “support” and then “tutorials” you will find a good number of tutorials to assist you with any website setup issues.

Here are some of the things they can assist you with:

Email Tutorials

Setting up a POP3 account in cPanel
Setting up a email in cPanel
Tracing a email with cPanel
Using your vacation autoresponder with cPanel
How to use cPanel webmail
Setting up your cPanel catchall email
How to add a email forwader in cPanel

Domain Tutorials

How to add a addon domain in cPanel
How to add a subdomain in cPanel
How to add a parked domain in cPanel
How to setup a redirect in cPanel

… plus so much more! So, the next time you need help setting up your cPanel and FTP area for your website, take a look at You can get in contact via phone at 770-497-4188 ext. 103, or you can go and make out a support ticket on their website or send an email to Tell them what you’re having trouble with and they’d be happy to help you.

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