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Hey ,

I just got off an amazing call with my good friend Stu McClaren.

What he told me was so mind blowing, I wanted to write you and tell you about it now, before I leave for a trip with my family. You see, I didn’t know this but Stu and his partner Russell Brunson have been quietly earning $30,000 plus a month without lifting a finger or breaking a sweat.

Here’s how they did it…

They have built an entire army of motivated commissioned sales people selling their products and generating profits for them — earning $20,000 to $30,000 (or much more) every month, and they don’t have to pay them ANYTHING until AFTER they close the sale!

Now, I have an affiliate program but I’ve got to tell you I’ve never heard alot of the strategies Stu and Russell are talking about. In fact, as soon as I get back we will be implementing tons of new strategies that I know will more than quadruple our affiliate programs!

Here’s the good news for you…

I asked Stu if he and Russel would get ona Private call to my subscribers and share some of their secrets, so:
This Thursday June 29th 2006 @ 9:00PM EST
Join us as Stu and Russell share their million dollar strategies for building massive cash generating affiliate programs.

Go below now:

Join us Thursday and learn how you can easily have an army of sales people selling your products and services while you sleep!

You won’t want to miss this below:

Matt Bacak

P.S. Stu and Russell don’t usually share these secrets so be sure to sign up now.
We have limited availability and this information can change your business!

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