Fishing and Marketing Are They The Same?

My Dad and I go fishing every Memorial Day Weekend. It’s our
tradition. Every year we head to Ohio and go fishing on Lake Erie.
(Because I grew up in the area) Every year is pretty much the
same we charter a boat, then met our captain between 6am-6:30am.

They we head out to find fish.

We drive to a spot that the fish have been biting,
then start fishing. The captain always uses his fish
finder to make sure we are in the right spot.

This year we got there at 6:30. Set our fishing poles
in the water at 7:30 and by 8:00 we were about to max
out but we started getting picky. We left the last
4 fish we would keep to be the big ones.

See when we started we didn’t care what size the
fish was all we cared about was that it was the right
length to be legal.

But after catching them fast we got picky and only
kept the fish that we “BIG”.

So you are asking how does this
relate to marketing or business?

Easy. When you start off in business you
go after everything, try everything. Then
as you grow and get wiser you learn where
to market. You learn how to read the numbers
like reading the fish finder.

You find out what your most profitable thing
you do ( like the Big Fish ) and only focus on
that and let everything else be like bonuses.

Enough about that check out these fish my
dad and I caught by 8:30 when we maxed out
on of fish limit. Check them out below:

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