Filsaime, Big Mac, Coke, and TrafficFusion…

Mike Filsaime just put out a VIDEO
where he has someone SECRETLY follow
him into a McDonald’s with a camera
while he orders Lunch.

And you may be wondering why on earth
would he do this, or WHO CARES. I know
I was thinking that until he said ONE
LINE half way thru that made it so clear.

He said,
“My products are like Coca-Cola”

…When he said that, my jaw dropped.

The whole video made sense and got me

But it gets even better. After that
video, mike shares a 28 minute video
of him on stage in Orlando.

Honestly, when I saw it, I blew me
away and I can’t wait to start doing
what he is showing.

I recommend you get over there and
watch this F R E E video.

And yes, it is leading up to a launch.
But Mike gives away so much info you
would be crazy not to go learn from it.

I promise this is something rare and
new and 99% of people have never even
used it in their business.

Mike shows proof in a case study that
he used it to make over $1 Million
last year with it.

But he did it with:

He did it only with

– A product!

If you have a product, or are thinking
of having one, you really need to watch
this video.

Talk Soon,

Matt Bacak

P.S. This is a Secret Mike Filsaime learned
from the legendary Mark Joyner. You know
if Mark taught it to Mike, and Mike used
it, it has to be one of the best strategies
in the game. Check it out…

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