“FAQ about running your Internet business”

Do you have questions about your Autoresponder, articles, and creating your business website? Maybe you don’t have questions today, but these questions could pop up tomorrow. So you need to be aware of these common questions. Knowing the answers to these questions can save you precious time and money. Time, in fact, that could be spent making more money instead of trying to figure out a solution to the problem.

So here’s a list of questions regarding Autoresponders, articles, and your business website:

Autoresponder Question: I am moving an old list that I haven’t followed up with or contacted in awhile. I want to move this old list from the AutoResponse Plus to 1Shopping Cart. Can I just import this list into 1Shopping Cart or do I need to contact each person on the list?

Autoresponder Answer: When you move the list to 1Shopping Cart they will make the list double opt-in. 1Shopping Cart will send your list an email about this. So make sure to send an email to the list ahead of time so you can prepare them for the 1ShoppingCart email.

Note: If you haven’t really talked to these people or followed up then your response rate is probably going to be really low. Still do it, but just note that you might lose a lot of emails during the transition.

Articles Question: I know that submitting articles is a great way of viral marketing. I send out several articles on a consistent basis. I use the article submitter called Article Submitter Pro. Are there any other article submission programs that are faster?

Articles Answer: No, nothing is faster than Article Submitter Pro. If you want to try another article submitter program try Article Announcer.

Business Website Question: How do you select which keywords to put in the HTML code for your business website?

Business Website Answer: It depends. If you don’t use conversion tracking then look at keywords that have the highest click through rate. If you ARE using conversion tracking then look at the words that are converting the most. Put the top 2-3 keywords in your title tag. Don’t have more than 83 characters in your title tag.

Business Website Question: What is conversion tracking?

Business Answer: Login to your Google AdWords account to find conversion tracking. It will give you a code where you can track cost per lead and your lead conversion. It tracks from when people land on your website to getting to your thank you page. The click through rate, on the other hand, tells you the time it takes from somebody searching Google to the time they reach your website.

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