Email Marketing Tip…

The Powerful Promoter – Matt Bacak


I’ll give you an example of an email

that I helped my friend, Drew Miles

write in a sec…

But for now, here are a few tips

when crafting a Great email.

First, Think of the outcome you want to have.

For example in the email below.

There are only two outcomes that we are

looking for either people are interested

and sign-up or…

…They are not interested.

Remember when you write an email to make

money, sell a product, or to fill a teleseminar

make sure that you don’t bounce around.

Because a confused mind never buys

(or in this case signs up for a teleseminar).


Matt Bacak

P.S. Here is the example email, I

helped my friend Drew with. You are

welcome to get on if you want. Here it is:

Subject: They aren’t paying taxes…


It’s the Truth! – millions of people don’t pay

their property taxes! Even rural counties will have

100’s of tax certificates and deeds for auction and

sale. There are 3300 counties in the USA and every

one may schedule tax certificate or tax deed

auctions every year!

And you can Profit from it.

That’s why we are putting on

something specail for you.

There is a special *Must attend* teleseminar,

happinging on Tuesday, 21st at 9:00pm EST.

with Ted Thomas called:

“How To Earn 16%, 18%, Up To

24% On Government Certificates”

From the strategies that you will learn

on the call, you’ll discover how Your Cash

Flow Is Fixed by Law And Will Stay High

Regardless Of What Happens To Bank Rates

or the Stock Market!

Go here right now to register:

Better hurry… for this one, this

call will fill up quickly, Ted and

his information are in huge demand!!

Go here right now to register:

Drew Miles

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