“Distinctions of Success: What is it that makes the difference? Part III”

Here’s the situation. You are working on the secrets of success. You are practicing your skills in the area you want to succeed. You don’t blame the fact that you aren’t succeeding on your genetics or home circumstances. You seek out the skills that you need because you know that anyone can succeed if they put their mind to it. You know that personal ability + goals = phenomenal results. Lastly, you know that you don’t have to have top notch grammar or writing skills to succeed.

So where does this leave you? Are you all set and know everything about the secret to success? Not quite yet. There are six more success distinctions that you should be aware of. Read on to unlock this last set of secrets.

Success Distinction #11: Determine in writing in detail of what you are dissatisfied with now. This is your moving away strategy. Determine what stinks about your current situation so that you have the incentive to get away from it.

Success Distinction #12: Set attainable goals. Be specific. Make sure the goals are attainable, but also push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Success Distinction #13: Focus on near term goals. Beatles focused on putting out next album and look how successful they have been! If you focus on near term goals then the whole process of success is not so overwhelming. You take it one step at a time.

Success Distinction #14: Focus on near term goals to motivate yourself and others. Focus on your goals today and the goals for tomorrow. Outline what you need to do every day.

Success Distinction #15: Setting and achieving sub-goals is the key to success. Every project has tons and tons of little pieces that are going to make you succeed. If you do those sub-goals they build up to succeeding at big goals. Your brain changes and is wired so that it expects you to succeed.

Success Distinction #16: Avoid engaging in self-sabotage. Our brain engages in self-sabotage all the time. You can control it. For example, you watch TV instead of doing your work.

Follow these tips to success and you will not only be successful, but have a leg up on your competition.

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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