“Distinctions of Success: What is it that makes the difference? – Part I”

Have you written a book or eBook? Do you want your book to reach top seller status? Of course you do, but the question is how do you get your book to be wildly successful? Read on to learn from a best selling author.

Here’s a story of a best selling author:
In 1992 he wanted to write a best seller. He wrote the book and knew that he would have to persuade publishers to publish it. He knew to accomplish this goal that he had to learn the psychology of persuasion. He submitted his book manuscript to 246 publishers and nobody would publish it. Some publishers wrote back to him and said that his book had no chance. Good thing he didn’t listen to them because today that book is #1 on the best seller list in Japan. It’s been published Nigeria, Malaysia, Poland, and all over the world. He never gave up.

So what was his secret? He knew the distinctions of success.

What are the distinctions of success? This is rock solid science that will work in virtually any situation.

Success Distinction #1: All the research shows that you have to start doing what you want to be good at. For example, too often people who want to make money go back to the same old job so they aren’t going to make more money. You have to physically move yourself to do something to make more money. For example, you have to get off your butt and go to a meeting that promotes your goals.

Success Distinction #2: How do you attribute your success? When something goes right, what do you say? You should attribute improvements to yourself. How do you attribute your failures? Do you attribute them to yourself or somebody else? For example, a book rejection can be attributed to the stupidity of the publisher and that your book is just fine. Don’t listen to how hard it is to make a living in the publishing business.

Success Distinction #3: Your best chance for long term success is when you believe that you have or can development the skills you need to perform.

Success Distinction #4: Discover all the ways you can become better at things when you put forth effort. A lot of people don’t actually do stuff like going to the meetings or reading books. They get lazy and inertia takes over.

These are the first four distinctions of success. Do you have these distinctions? If not, start working on it today!

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Matt Bacak

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