The Critical Importance of a Powerful Internet Presence.

What is the purpose of an Internet business website? An Internet business website gives you a presence on the Internet. The purpose of this website is to give you worldwide exposure. You can send products to people all over the world. You can deliver information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t have to sit at your computer; you can earn money while you sleep!

If you do not have a website or you have a website that is not making you massive amounts of money then you are missing out. Your competitors have a powerful Internet presence and every minute of everyday they are snatching up the profit that could have been yours.

What is the purpose of creating a powerful Internet presence? How does this differ from having a simple website?

A powerful Internet presence makes connecting and networking with people all over the world much easier. You should significantly revise your website every 2 years to keep pace with the change in business and technology. Think about it, you wouldn’t wear clothing styles from the 1970’s, so your website shouldn’t be behind the times either!

If your website is not designed effectively or with the latest technology then customers will get a bad impression about your business. Plus, people have an even shorter attention span on the Internet then they did in the past. For example, increases in connection speeds have shortened the attention span of Internet businesses.

As of 2006 the average time a person will spend looking at an Internet webpage is 9 seconds. In 2007, it decreased to 7 seconds! This means that you have to captivate people with your website within 7 seconds. Otherwise, they will go to your competitor’s website. The goal is to not only capture their attention, but to get them to take action and buy your products and services.

Another benefit about selling on the Internet is that you can sell more items at once. Plus, you can automate the selling process. You can make money when you sleep. You can sell something that didn’t cost you any money to manufacturer or ship.

You can also sell products and services not available in any other format. For example, you can sell e-books on your website.

Analyze your Internet website. Does it utilize all the technological tools available? Do you have a powerful Internet presence or just an average run of the mill website?

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