Creating a PDF Report or eBook and Selling It

If you have created a report and you want to know how to sell it, you first have to change the report into a PDF file. The reason for this is that not everyone has the same program you used to create it and therefore will not be able to open the file if it is saved using your program. Anyone can open a PDF file So if you create your ebook or report as a PDF, there are no limitations on who can access your book or report. You could say PDF’s are pretty much universal. Also, Adobe Reader is free! And if it’s not installed on your computer, it can easily be downloaded by going to the Adobe website at

So, you as the creator of the ebook or report… what you need to do is either go to Adobe’s site and try the demo PDF creator software or go to PDF995. I use PDF995 because you can turn any document into a PDF for free and it’s really easy.
So, download either one and then take the document and go to “file/print” and then “print as” and save it as a PDF on your desktop. Now you’ve got a sellable “eBook” or whatever you choose to call it.

Now, to sell it and give people access to it, you’ve got to get a shopping cart set up. Basically, when you set up your shopping cart, if you’re using OneShoppingCart or KickStartCart, it has a digital delivery mechanism. What you’re going to do is upload the file to the shopping cart.

So, people will go to your page and they’re going to click on a link that’s generated by the shopping cart. This will allow them to order your book. Basically, the shopping cart is going to take their credit card information and then send them an email with a link to access the eBook or report and everything will be taken care of. Then the money goes straight into your bank account.

Just make sure you have a bank account to put the money in because you will need that in order to set everything up and receive your funds.

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