“Butterfly Marketing: What is it?”

What is butterfly marketing? Butterfly marketing comes from the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect involves going back in time and changing one little thing. This would change everything in the current world. Butterfly marketing is similar. Butterfly marketing is based on the theory that one little marketing act can change your entire marketing results.

There are small things you can do in your marketing that have a dramatic affect on your marketing plans and results. For example, one change could grow your opt-in list from 30,000 members of 400,000 members. These small changes can make a difference by attracting more list members. And a bigger, targeted list can lead to more sales. And more sales lead to higher profits. As you can see, small changes can change your bottom line in a chain of events.

Too many people only focus on the major marketing changes. This is a mistake. They don’t realize that it is the little changes in marketing that make the difference.

The butterfly effect works with viral marketing. Viral marketing breaks down to two things: generating traffic and converting traffic.

Viral marketing has three components which include:
1.) You can buy it. (Google AdWords, ezine ads, etc.)
2.) You can borrow it. (Different forms of joint ventures.)
3.) You can create it. (Optimize your website to get a rank in Google and Yahoo, submit press releases, submit articles, put a signature on your email and in a forum, etc.)

Viral marketing falls in between borrowing traffic and creating traffic. Too many people focus on just getting traffic to their website. Then when these customers do come to their website, they focus on getting the next customer. What you should do is focus on the customer that has already come to you website.

You have to focus on your X factor. Your X factor is a tool you use that will bring a certain number of visitors to your website each day. For example, this X factor will consistently attract 100 visitors to your website each day.

An example of an X factor is to use a tell-a-friend strategy. This means that you don’t just ask for their name and email address. You go above this. While they enter their name and address you give them an incentive to refer three friends. If they do refer these friends, and the friends sign up on your list, you will earn more than just 3 new people. How? These new people will refer other new people who refer even more new people and so on.

The key is to offer something to the original website visitor so they will refer their friends. For example, you can give away a free report and/or an audio file.

Caution: Any name and email address the person puts into the tell-a-friend script is not added to your list. The purpose is to use this information to send an invitation to these friends asking them to join your list.

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