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Article submission software has gotten a bad reputation over the years because some so-called article submitters have had problems. They were little more than thinly-disguised spam machines that would eventually get banned from the best article sites. The articles would end up where they’re not wanted and so many of them wouldn’t even get a link back.

Having said all that, there is a good, legitimate piece of software that I use and recommend called Article Submitter Pro. So, rather than spending countless hours submitting my articles to the myriad of submission sites out there, I simply plug them into Article Submitter Pro and it takes care of the rest.

Article Submitter Pro is really easy to use. You first have to go to the various sites you want to submit to, apply and get your log in details. The software memorizes your usernames and passwords and logs you into each one. So, you may say, “Okay, I want to submit to these 1,000 locations.” Well, it’ll take you to the one location, it’ll pre-populate the page, and then all you have to do is hit the submit button. Then it’ll auto-fill in all the information where it needs to go. You’ll look over the auto-fill information to make sure that everything is correct and then you push submit. It’ll then take you to the next one, log you in and perform the same functions until it has completed the task. It is completely automated!

However, you should make sure you don’t go overboard and submit too many articles to too many sites in too short a time frame. You want to make it feel as natural as possible to the search engines. For example, we only submit two to three articles a day in my office. We don’t submit 500 articles, even though I have 500 articles. See, 500 articles will last me 250 days because we’re submitting two to three every single day. You want to make it a habit and be as consistent as possible when you’re submitting your articles and not send them out there all at once.

So, you take one article. You load it into the software. Let’s say you have a thousand locations. Article Submission Pro logs you into a thousand locations, pre-populates a list and you push submit. Then you go to the next one, push submit… Go to the next one, push submit. Go to the next one, populate, submit, populate, submit, populate and submit… That’s all you have to do. Just submit two to three a day. Then another option is if you want to do one a week, you would use the same process. It’s really up to you. When I first started, I was doing one a month. Then I said, “Okay, I want to do one every week.” Then I got down to one a day and then two to three a day. By doing only a few it appears as natural to the search engines. The last thing you want is to get in trouble with the search engines. If you do just a few per day, the search engines will love you and your rankings should continue to improve.

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