"The Accidental Millionaires"

I want to share with you two great examples of Internet Millionaire accidents.
Have you heard of Armand Morin? Armand Morin is called the generator guy. He is a great internet marketer and a good friend of mine. Armand Morin created a toolbar.

The toolbar he created put together the websites he used and other sites he found useful. He saved them, similar to our saving web sites in the Internet Explorer’s Favorites, except he put them into a toolbar. He started selling these toolbars, which were… just his Favorites list… and in less than three months, he made over a $1 million dollars. He did not expect it to happen, it just happened. Accidentally because he was in an action state of being.

Have you heard of Morgan Westerman? You have probably seen his Interviews with God movie.

Interviews with God is a public domain poem. Public Domain are books and movies, etc. that are so old they no longer have a copyright in force. They can often be found on the internet for use. There are an infinite number of topics & books for the taking. You can actually go to these sites, find materials, and after making certain that the copyrights have expired, you can use them for your own. You can slap on the title Think and Grow Rich. Ever heard of that book? The book is in the public domain. You can get a copy of it, take off Napoleon Hill’s name, and put your name on it.

So, Morgan Westerman took a public domain poem and he turned it into a flash movie. The “movie” showed breathtaking landscapes with inspirational music and then lines of the poem would pop up. This movie was delivered to millions by email, it became viral because people loved it and passed it on. You may have received it several times. In the course of six months, he made a $1 million dollars.

Morgan and Armand never realized this would happen. There are so many opportunities out there for you to make a lot of money. Think about the stories I have told you; think about the statistics I’ve given you. Think about the skills and knowledge that you have. What can you create to make your first million dollars?

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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