A billion-dollar education here

Have you heard of Zappos.com?

They just got bought by Amazon. Perhaps you’ve even
seen their CEO, Tony Hsieh, appear on the front cover
of INC magazine recently. What you may or may not
know is Zappos.com does over $1B in sales.


There are 10 core values that run Zappos incredible
organization and one of them is “Be Humble”. That’s why Tony
loves to spread the message of how they went from ZERO in
1999 to over $1B in sales just nine years later using
company values, culture and hiring incredible team members.

Now unless you were at Yanik Silver’s sold-out, $3,495.0 per
person, Underground Online Seminar you probably have never
seen Tony’s incredible presentation.

But now Yanik and Tony decided to let more people see this –
they’re going to put out the entire keynote up at no-charge.

That’s right, nada, zilch, el-zippo.

You only have to enter in your email address and you’ll get
access to the full Monte! Check it out here:


I promise you’ll be pretty blown away by what Tony shares.

Personally, it’s really changed the way I think about some
of the fundamentals of my business. You cannot watch this
presentation and not have some real inspiration for how to
make your business truly world-class. (Yes, Zappos.com is
probably a little out of the league of where you might be –
but that’s exactly why you want to pay close attention and
apply some of these amazing growth strategies to your


Matt Bacak

P.S. Want a sneak peek of what you’ll discover on this
presentation? How about this:

* How to put “fanatical” customer service to work in your
business to truly create WOW! (Zappos.com enjoys 75% repeat
business from their customers. This translates to lower
marketing costs.)

* How to maintain the culture and feel of a small company
(where people actually LOVE to work) even when your growth
is taking off like a rocket.

* How to hire Super Stars! And much more…


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