“8 Potent Branding Techniques”

During the first four to five years on the Internet you should brand yourself. You can create audio and videos that brand you. Create ten minute audios and videos on your niche subjects. Spread these audios and videos all over the Internet.

Every time you make an audio and video for distribution you should always include a legal disclaimer and whether or not it has a copyright. Always put your URL in the audio and video as well.

8 ways to brand yourself:
Brand Technique #1: Make solo and top sponsor ads. You can place ezine ads all over the Internet.

Brand Technique #2: Put your name and the name of your business in your ad and everywhere you can. Never brand your business before yourself. Why? Your programs and products come and go. The only constant in the long run is you. So brand yourself first. Make sure you are as publicly known as possible.

Brand Technique #3: Make business card magnets. Go to http://www.vistaprint.com. You can create your own business cards that are magnets.

Brand Technique #4: Attend free seminars. Search for seminars in your niche. Give people your business magnets.

Brand Technique #5: Purchase a product from a well known guru. Write a nice testimonial for this person that includes your picture. Have them post this testimonial on their website. This is an effective way to help you become a household name.

Brand Technique #6: Write short articles that are 500-700 words in length and submit them to article directories. Make sure to put your name, business name, and website link in the bio of the article.

Brand Technique #7: Put your name, business name, and website link in your signature line in posts you make in forums.

Brand Technique #8: Put your name on anything you do! People will do business with people that they trust. Building trust can be difficult, but you can accomplish it through branding.

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