“7 Tips to Getting Started with Radio Interviews”

Have you determined that you want to be a guest on radio shows? Have you realized that radio shows are a great way to promote yourself and your product? Do you want to grab this power and use it to its fullest advantage? If so, then awesome! You are one step closer to achieving the financial freedom you desire.

A big question that plagues many would be radio show interviewees is how to get started. What do you need to know? What tips do radio show interview veterans have that you can use to your benefit? Read on to find out.

7 tips to help you book and maximize your radio show interview.

1.) Have to have a great show idea. You must have a great topic. For example, can you share tips or show people how to make money?

2.) You might want to get a toll free number. Just in case you want people to have the option of calling you.

3.) Your website has to be easy to remember. If you have a domain name that is confusing to someone then you have to fix it. Have a domain name that is only spelled one way.

4.) Make sure you have a clear phone line. Use a wired phone. Don’t use a wireless or cell phone.

5.) You should record your phone call. Why? You need to listen to them later so you critique and learn from them. Figure out what worked well and what didn’t.

6.) You have to have a current database of the radio shows.

7.) You have to have a physical and online press kit. It is important to have a physical press kit because radio stations have daily meetings in which they decided who to book. If you send a physical press kit then they can bring this to their meeting. It increases your odds of being booked on their show.

News releases for radio and television is different than newspapers. Newspapers want a story whereas a radio producer wants a “show”.

Follow these 7 tips and your radio show interview success is in your near future!

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