“7 Frequently Asked Questions about Blogs”

Do you have a Blog for your Internet business? If not, have you considered setting up a Blog in the near future? Blogs are yet another tool you can use to market and promote your Internet business. You can have a Blog even if you don’t have an Internet website.

Blogs are relatively new technology to many Internet business owners. Following are a list of common questions associated with Blogs.

Blog Question #1: What is the purpose of submitting to Blogs before you have a website? The main purpose is to help establish your name on the Internet. In addition, search engines love Blog content. These search engines eat new content up like candy. Your Blog can supply the new content candy that these search engines have a craving for.

Writing a Blog also helps to establish a habit of consistently updating web content regarding you or your business. This habit puts new content on the Internet resulting in an increase in your Internet presence. The more work you put into your Blog, on a consistent basis, the more you will reap in rewards.

Blog Question #2: Is there a preferred Blogger site? This is a difficult question to give one answer to because it depends on your preferences, needs, and capabilities. So the answer is to find the Blogger site that makes sense to you and makes you feel the most comfortable.

Blog Question #3: What are the “no-no’s” of writing Blogs such as mentioning celebrity names, brand names, and/or friends? There aren’t really any established no-no’s. The content you post on your Blog is up to you as long as it is not libel or slander. However, you might want to ask or tell your friends that you are going to write about them.

Blog Question #4: Should I use real names in a Blog? If the person/people know that you are going to use their real name than it should be okay. Make sure to ask them before you post the information to your Blog.

Blog Question #5: How do you keep people from copying your Blog? It’s difficult to find out if people copy from your Blogs. So don’t waste time worrying about it.

Blog Question #6: Of my own Blogs, should I copyright Blogs that are similar in structure to articles and/or are my favorite Blogs? You can if you want to, but it can be a waste of time and not save you from somebody else copying it anyway. It is your call whether or not you want to take this extra step.

Blog Question #7: Should I sell my Blogs to a Blog website that will then own my Blogs? No, don’t give other sites rights to your Blog content.

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