“4 Principles of Public Speaking”

What is the most profitable skill in the world? It is the ability to step in front of an audience and sell them something. Remember, nobody likes to feel like they are being sold to, but people like to learn. So the key to public speaking is to teach people valuable information that they are excited about. Teaching them this content can lead to more sales than an in your face sales presentation.

Did you know that you can earn a seven figure income through public speaking? Yes, it’s possible. If you are willing to stand up and teach people what you have done in your Internet business or area of expertise, you can earn thousands and millions of dollars of extra cash. If you have succeeded in a specific area then other people will want to learn the secrets of your success.

Public speaking is not only speaking, but selling people your products and services from the stage to a mass audience. For example, you could teach people how to become wealthy. You have to use the following principles in your public speaking regardless of what type of business you are in.

Public Speaking Principle 1: You need to jump into a venture where you can work one time and earn money over and over from that initial work. For example, you can develop your training product once and sell it over and over.

Public Speaking Principle 2: You need to stop selling one person to one person and instead sell one to many. You have to sell to a mass audience. You can accomplish this through public speaking to large audiences.

Public Speaking Principle 3: The value of the content you present can increase the amount of product you sell. If people perceive your content as valuable then they will perceive your products as being valuable as well. So you knock their socks off with your presentation by teaching them highly valuable techniques and information. Then you swoop in and sell them your products so they can learn further about your area of expertise.

Public Speaking Principle 4: Spend your time working on things that go up in value versus things that go down in value. Take your checks that you wrote last year and put them in a pile. Then separate the pile into two smaller piles. The first pile will contain checks that were written for items that increased your value. The second pile will contain checks that were written for items that decreased in value. You will often find that the pile for increase in value is much smaller. Plus, this pile will contain checks written for education. Education in your niche area and Internet business tends to increase in value as you apply the principles you learn through this continuing education.

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