Why a Double Opt In Email List is Beneficial to Your Online Business

Many people realize the importance of having an email list, but fail to develop a double opt in email list, which is crucial.  Why?  We will discuss that in this post.  If you truly want to grow your business and increase revenues substantially, you will want to implement this strategy.  Just collecting names and email addresses is not enough because many people will not give you their real email address – they will use one that they only use for the purpose of signing on to various lists; one that they don’t care to get hundreds of spam emails in.

When a potential customer signs up to a double opt in email list, they are seriously interested in the products or services you have to offer.  This method requires that they click a link in the initial email they receive, verifying that they are indeed the one who is requesting information from you.

This is a no-fail way to build a list of serious buyers!  A double opt in email list also helps prevent some people who maliciously report you as a spammer, even though they signed up for your list.  It gives you more proof and credibility in case problems do arise.  You can verify that they double opted, so that you don’t risk losing your autoresponder account.

Serious entrepreneurs take every precaution to insure that their business is set up in a legitimate way, and that they build a list of potential buyers who are truly interested in what they have to offer.  If you are not currently building a double opt in email list, don’t waste any more time.  You are letting many of your hungry fish off the hook, so to speak.  Build your pond and fill it with a starving crowd.

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