Simple Ways to Get Followers on Twitter

When you want to get followers on Twitter, there are many simple things you can do that you may not be doing currently.  Many online marketers, especially beginners, believe the way to go about this is to tweet constantly, and hope that people will start following them.  There are more effective ways to do this so that people really pay attention to what value you have to offer.  You also don’t stand so much risk of being seen as a spammer when you go about it in other ways.

If you already have a good reputation through your blogs, websites and other materials, it should be fairly easy to get followers on Twitter.  For example, if you have a blog that gets a good deal of traffic, link to your Twitter page from there.  Invite people to follow you who visit your website, and even place a link in your email signatures.

There are hundreds of little tricks you can use.  Forums are a good place to invite followers as well, especially if you provide helpful, sincere information.  When others believe that you really know your niche well, they tend to want to learn more from you and will consider you an expert in that niche.

When you are really into social networking, you have endless opportunities to increase your followers.  On all the social media sites you belong to, link from your profile to your Twitter profile page.  Or anytime you sign a post, have your link in your signature line.  After seeing this several times, readers will begin to notice your link and go to your site to learn more about you, your product, and your niche.  As you can see, when you think about it, there are so many opportunities for you to get followers on Twitter.

Always provide information that is valuable to your followers and be ready to answer questions when you can.  People like others whom they believe to be honest, sincere and genuinely interested in their own success.

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